Expersight Influencer Network (EIN)


Expersight Influencer Network (EIN)

Expersight Influencer Network (EIN) is a thought leadership platform for experts who are in the field of technology, science, business and healthcare. EIN experts come together to share their ideas, thoughts, opinions and insights into our global research platform. EIN members thoughts are also syndicated on our partnered publications which receive over 50 Million readers globally.

Vision – EIN program is created with the vision to empower experts to become Thought Leaders.


Key benefits of joining Expersight Influencer Network (EIN)

Public Profile Page

Your public profile page on EIN is your identity and verifies you as an expert. People can learn more about you and subscribe to all your future updates through this page. Your public profile page builds enormous credibility and trust for your personal brand.

Exposure & Recognition

EIN members can freely share their opinions and insights on our platform and partnered publications that together garner over 50 million readers every month. All articles written by EIN members land on the homepage of Expersight and syndicated to our partnered publications.

Access and Trust

Top contributors enjoy free access to leading technology events who have partnered with us. EIN members are also awarded badges that help them stand out from the crowd and be recognized as thought leaders in their industry. 

Coaching & Motivation

Our structured thought leadership program, peer learning platform and a dedicated editor will enable you to focus on the right areas of your brand development which is building content coming down from your experience. EIN will take care of the rest and make sure that your content lands in front of the right audience.

Partnered Publications

Subject matter Experts

Our Vision

To build the most celebrated platform for technology experts and empower them to become thought-leaders.

Expersight Influencer Network (EIN) is designed for ambitious experts who are working at the grass-root level in their industries and tackling the core problems that the tech community is facing today. By sharing experiences and insights as a Through thought-leader, veterans can build their profile and land better opportunities or increase their pay scale.

EIN provides a robust platform to start thought leadership for any expert. Some other benefits of joining EIN:-

Peer Learning platform: Interact & Collaborate with other technology experts in the EIN community.

Create impact & become a leader: Create an impact on million-plus readers by sharing your ideas and insights.


Meet our experts

Raman Mehta

CIO at Visteon

Through the Expersight Influencer Network platform, I was able to share my beliefs and ideas in the automotive IoT industry with thousands of readers in the first month. Expersight has significantly helped me in building my personal brand and has also helped me achieve the status of a Global expert in my industry.

Amit Jain

Treasury fund manager at WorldBank

Expersight helped me to inculcate the habit of writing and empowered me to share my ideas and insights with the world. I just have to pen down my thoughts, and Intellectus takes care of the rest

Dr. Mazlan Abbas

Founder and CEO at Favoriot, IoT Thought Leader

Being a part of such a celebrated group of experts has helped in building business relationships and has also enhanced my Thought Leader profile.

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Share your thoughts to increase opportunities

Thought Leadership increases your chances to get discovered on the world wide web and help you to:-

1) Reach global audience

2) Establish credibility and trust in the market

3) Showcase knowledge and expertise

4) Increase engagement

5) Build a personal brand

EIN Members

Executives from Fortune 500 companies to Founders of leading technology startups

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Expersight Influencer Network (EIN) is a highly distinguished platform for experts. Our quality over quantity approach constrains us to accept applications from non-subject matter experts.

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