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Risk Management Strategies For Emerging Technologies

The emergence of advanced technologies is creating more opportunities for organizations to improve their business operations and increase productivity. But there are equal amounts of challenges that come along with the advancement of digital technologies. One of the...

Reducing Business Risks Through AI Compliance

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by businesses in the past few years has opened up various opportunities in terms of corporate innovation, efficiency and increased profitability. Eventually, over time, AI became a crucial factor in corporate growth...

How Ioterra emerged as a key marketplace for IoT development in the US

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, contactless communications are more than just a luxury. They are an imperative tool to assure human distancing. In the pursuit of digitization, almost all businesses are now rushing for rapid product development in 2021 for their...

Low-code Application Platforms – An Emerging Gartner Trend

This is the era where the world is rapidly shifting towards adopting digitization. This increased the dependency on complex software applications to perform tasks efficiently. Businesses, working on deadlines to satisfy the needs of the customers, are facing more...

5 reasons why AI-powered HR is the future of HRM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation and augmentation features are significantly transforming industries, facilitating incredible productivity and economic growth. Reports over the last couple of years have been immensely gratifying as AI helped businesses enhance...

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