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Why Startups and SMEs Should Implement SaaS | Advantages and Future

What would you do, if you wanted water in your home? Open a tap, right? Imagine having to own a reservoir just to have a glass of water. Tedious, isn’t it? Just like this water tap analogy, traditionally, companies relied on software that was delivered physically (or...

Asian E-wallet Solution Market Scenario in the Next 5 Years

Introduction   Over the last decade, the Asian banking market has been on the cusp of a financial revolution. Being one of the most economically dynamic regions in the world, there is enormous potential for digital platforms to thrive here, including internet...

Edge computing – providing a cutting edge customer experience in banking

In the world of internet of things (IoT) devices, banks are striving to provide a superior, engaging and hyper-relevant customer experience. They see wider adoption of digital and mobile banking technologies, including the latest ones such as blockchain and artificial...

Predictive Analytics: Interweaving of Statistics, Computer Science and Business

Predictive analytics, the art and science of ferreting out actionable insights from data, has been in vogue for some now. Predictive analytics combines multiple techniques along its process of data exploration, data wrangling, model development, and validation. Open...

The third Wave AI: Future of Artificial Intelligence

AI is affecting every sector, and almost every business is trying to create value out of it.However, significant restrictions are keeping down the acknowledgment of AI's actual potential.Second Wave of AI which is also known as "Narrow AI" Started in the early 2010s,...

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