Entice more by doing less is every marketer’s dream and surprisingly, it isn’t an unrealizable midnight thought anymore. In the race to steal each other’s thunder, they have discovered smarter ways of flocking genuine traffic to the platforms and yet do it ethically. While basic functions such as those of producing and distributing content can be automated without having to push costs, businesses don’t want to miss out on the lucrativeness and empower their pitch effectively. However, the lack of tactics was never the concern but the inability to formulate an executable strategy. Since everybody has equal access to tools and services, it is the knack to respond to trends, understand metrics and then create a hybrid model of outmoded and new strategies that perform in these times, when the digital medium has exploded to millions of sites.

For those who have just started with their digital marketing endeavors, follow the below hacks to fetch greater returns by spending less time and money.

Get active on social media groups, communities, and forums 

Because networking is key! Ever since the marketing potential of social media conversations was truly actualized, businesses have been stressing on uploading and sharing posts and running paid campaigns. While these hacks have been effective in driving customer engagements, social media groups, also known as communities or forums, have emerged as the dark horse in the race to generate more leads. Since people are allowed to ask and answer industry-specific questions, these forums are great platforms to drive no nonsensical discussions. Consequentially, businesses signup by their brand names and unlatch the opportunity to flaunt their subject matter expertise.

Take Quora, for example. Thousands of businesses across the industry, capital and geographies have witnessed a surge in their engagement by 4 x.  Unlike a cluttered Facebook, Quora never distracted from its core service and successfully encouraged more users to put genuine questions. Exactly what social media was made for in its first-place – connect with more people and seek answers.

Signup on social media accounts, explore business-relevant groups, communities, forums and start participating in the discussions. Wait for like-minded people to connect with you automatically.

Automate as far as you can 

You have missed the gray matter if automating digital marketing is still not your strategy. There are project management tools that can help you automate your workforce as well as tasks. For example, scheduling social media posts, tracking analytics, running email campaigns, segmenting target groups, designing infographics, fetching keywords, etc. are some of the most widely automated jobs for marketers with limited resources. As per Instapages, 91% of surveyed marketers have admitted that automation software tools are very important for their digital campaigns. Consequentially, 60% of B2B enterprises have confirmed elaborating on the roles of these tools to drive campaigns.

Beyond just producing content, automation is highly impactful in lead scoring. So be it driving calls from prospects directly from the plugin embedded in your website’s CTA button (trigger marketing) or accumulating response from the ‘Contact-Us’ sections, addressing complex functions in sales & marketing will set the narrative for 2020. For example, after you have customized the automation tool’s algorithm, the inflowing contacts (leads) will be filtered automatically to produce the final list of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

At the same time, delegating roles and responsibilities will always be the most effective productivity hack. Advertising is mostly innate creativity and beginners, with fewer compensation expectations are readily available to help you with the chores. After all, a dedicated team in place is a beautiful asset that will burn the midnight oil for you.

Be the Jack of all trades 

A full-fledged digital marketing portfolio consists of multiple crafts and you ought to depend on different consultants such as the SEO guy, designer, writer, campaigner, social media specialist, etc. However, in particular, scenarios, when your vendor doesn’t show up at the 11th hour or you, don’t have the budget to do the outsourcing, having a less expensive backup is a must. There are plenty of free services online that you can use to do basic development. For example, copyright-free images, illustrations; logo designing, content optimization, and keyword generation tools can be used as the ultimate go-to references. Though the quality from these services cannot match human expertise, they are still life-saving resources to save time, money and repute.

Explore these services and train yourself. Moreover, as a digital marketer, you must know what you are selling and getting hands-on experience at these crafts will deepen your learnings. At least, they’ll save you from the harassment of your resource not showing up when needed. Since most of these tools are easier to get the job done, you can start now.

Rework and reuse older content 

Ever felt that one of your previous blog posts deserved a better response? It is demotivating to see a quality piece of content not performing as expected and that’s exactly why we feel the urge to delete it, modify a bit and re-publish. However, most of the marketers either don’t know to pull off a remodification successfully or they weren’t aware that this is a legal hack. As far as you are not plagiarizing content from any other blog, it is fine to republish one of those older posts from your blog. And when published with a different headline or at a different time, a better response could be garnered. 60% of marketers have confirmed profitable results by reusing older pieces of content.   

By doing this, not only have you saved on the cost of a new blog and graphics but also added value to the previous work done. However, as a word of caution, marketers must restrain from continuously rewriting older posts. It is always a mix of everything that works.

Revisit your blog, filter old posts that are still relevant and pick the one as desired. For example, a title such as ‘Top digital marketing trends in 2019’ can be modified a bit and reused as ‘Top digital marketing trends in 2020’.  

Yash Mehta Author
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Yash Mehta Author
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