Emerging technology jobs that have a vast career scope

Jobs related to emerging technologies that have a vast career scope

In the current world that we live in, it is evident that technology adoption has massively increased from how it was a decade ago. From room-sized computers to palm-sized mobile phones, technology has come a long way. The growth and trends of the technical world have paved the way for various emerging technologies starting from Artificial Intelligence to Quantum Computing. There is a common misconception that automation eliminates the need for manpower, not immediately but eventually. But in reality, there is no technology that is as efficient as the human brain when it comes to dealing with complex tasks. This means that manpower is needed now more than ever. This article highlights the job opportunities that are created by the emerging technologies which have high scope and demand in the technology field.

Emerging technology-related career roles

1) Cybersecurity engineer

As businesses these days highly rely on data for business operations, data, information, systems, network and cloud security engineers are in increasing demand. The role of a cybersecurity engineer is to ensure that their organization’s initiatives remain safe from potential threats of any form. Cybersecurity engineers also ensure if their organizations comply with the regulatory requirements and update themselves according to the evolving security trends to ensure privacy and security.


A person must have prior experience in the field of computer science engineering and programming. These are the basic requirements to become a cybersecurity engineer. In some cases, companies expect individuals to possess certification in cybersecurity courses.

Average pay: $65,195/year


2) Cloud architect

A cloud architect, as the name implies, is responsible for the cloud-based business operations of the company. Some of the major roles of a cloud architect involve deploying, managing and supporting cloud applications. Cloud architects usually have to oversee the cloud computing strategies and have a strong understanding of multiple operating systems along with networking, programming and security skills.


Of late, when it comes to cloud architecture, companies prefer individuals with prior knowledge in the field of computer science and engineering, strong programming background and certifications related to cloud computing from reputed companies like Amazon Web Services, Google or Microsoft.

Average pay: $135,933/year


3) Database administrator

The database is the essential entity for any business as it holds enormous amounts of data. Hence the software that is used to manage the database has to be maintained carefully and the data must be easily accessible when it is required. This is typically the job of a database administrator. The database administrator (DBA) also ensures the efficiency and security of the server along with data backup, storage, access and replication.


A database administrator must not only monitor the actions and operations of a database but also be able to optimize the performance and make the right decisions in case of an emergency.  Additional qualifications include an associate degree in database management and expertise in Oracle, Linux and SQL skills.

Average pay: $92,788/year


4) Mobile application developer

Mobile phones, due to their compact size and lightweight, are being preferred by users for various purposes like online shopping, listening to music, etc. This created an increased demand for mobile applications. A mobile application developer must have extensive knowledge in developing mobile applications in various mobile platforms like Android and iOS. These application developers must also have a deeper understanding of programming languages, UX designing, constant development and constant integration (CICD), debugging and troubleshooting.


A mobile application developer must have experience in working with mobile environments such as Android or iOS along with HTML, CSS and XML. A mobile application developer should also be able to tackle errors and have analytical and problem-solving skills.

Average pay: $84,250/year


5) Software developer

The role of a  software developer is to design, develop, install, test and manage software applications that meet the requirements of the client. A software developer builds online or native applications, websites, mobile applications, etc. There are several paths to be qualified to become a software developer. This includes a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in computer science.


A software developer, since he deals with different aspects of software development, must be familiar with multiple programming languages, certifications, boot camps and any sorts of previous software development experience is a preferred quality.

Average pay: $105,112/year


6) DevOps engineer

A DevOps engineer oversees the job of software developers and encourages faster code deployments with fewer chances for failure. Apart from coding, the DevOps engineer also oversees scripting and product development along with IT infrastructure, resource availability, software testing and ensure product performance before the deployment.


A  DevOps engineer must be to write and script error-free code with a deeper understanding of DevOps best practices. Automation, data management and IT operational skills are added advantages.

Average pay: $121,365


7) Blockchain engineer

Blockchain developers create and develop solutions for enterprises by leveraging blockchain technology. Blockchain technology enables companies to distribute and share information publicly over the internet without being altered or copied. Many major corporations have now started to adopt blockchain technology. This means that there is a large scope for this field in the upcoming years.


A strong background in software development, experience in working with open-source projects, a deeper understanding of data structures and algorithms and proficiency in object-oriented programming languages are the basic requirements to become a blockchain developer.

Average pay: $154,550/year


The above-mentioned fields are some of the many fields that have various career growth opportunities for freshers as well as experienced professionals in the upcoming years. Before picking out the job role that suits you well, make sure to analyze the particular role and see if it really grabs your interest.

Coder-Engineer in the works. Infinitely curious like a feline. Would like to know what’s beyond the singularity someday.
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Coder-Engineer in the works. Infinitely curious like a feline. Would like to know what’s beyond the singularity someday.
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Coder-Engineer in the works. Infinitely curious like a feline. Would like to know what's beyond the singularity someday.
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