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A Minimalist Guide to Function as a Service (Faas)

Function-as-a-service is creating a drastic revolution in the field of cloud computing. Playing a critical role in boosting IT dexterity by curtailing the ...

What is Blockchain Technology? Market Size, Use Cases and Future Scope

The concept of blockchain has been going on in the field of technology for quite some time. Though blockchain technology appears to be complicated, the core ...

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) Technology – Internet Connectivity by Light

What is Li-Fi or LiFi technology? How is Li-Fi better than Wi-Fi? This detailed guide on Light Fidelity gives all advantages and disadvantages of LiFi.

Detailed Guide to Artificial Intelligence at Scale and its Use Cases

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence? Use cases of AI in IT, Supply chain, logistics and healthcare. AI Market Size, Education scope and Growth rate.

Top 10 Emerging Technologies in IT and Communications

We have come a long way from room-sized computers to ultrabooks,  brick-shaped cellular phones to palm-held smartphones, game characters that are made of boxy ...

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