Market Reports
The Future of Work Post Covid-19 Pandemic – Intelligence Report

The Covid-19 pandemic that has affected millions of people has disrupted the course of various sectors like education, entertainment and business across the ...

Guide to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Its Use Cases

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)? The advancement of science and technology lead to the development of Artificial Intelligence. AI enables machines ...

A Minimalist Guide to Function as a Service (Faas)

Function-as-a-service is creating a drastic revolution in the field of cloud computing. Playing a critical role in boosting IT dexterity by curtailing the ...

What is Blockchain Technology? Market Size, Use Cases and Future Scope

The concept of blockchain has been going on in the field of technology for quite some time. Though blockchain technology appears to be complicated, the core ...

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) Technology – Internet Connectivity by Light

What is Li-Fi or LiFi technology? How is Li-Fi better than Wi-Fi? This detailed guide on Light Fidelity gives all advantages and disadvantages of LiFi.

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