Saas is the acronym for the Software-as-a-Service model. It’s a software delivery and licensing standard available on an on-demand basis and hosted centrally on a cloud platform regardless of the industry size. SaaS Project Management platform is nothing but the delivery of the project management solutions on the subscription-based or on-demand cloud environment.

What is all about the SaaS project management industry?

The fundamental purpose of project management software is to ease the project management process flow, accelerate the efficacy of the team through comprehensive tracking and collaboration solutions. So, when it comes to SaaS-based project development software, it does offer a whole lot of comforts that include the flexibility in paying the price of the service with the much lower initial cost, scalability of the system and cross-platform compatibility. The SaaS project management industry is gaining more momentum in this age of digital transformation and technological evolution. SaaS-based PM solution has got multiple functional benefits. Apart from being on-demand service and flexible deployment, let’s look into the industry-specific windfalls.

Benefits of SaaS Project Management Solutions

  • Enhanced Security facilities like encryption, data recovery and disaster management at a minimum affordable cost
  • Accelerated network speed
  • Compatible on multiple platforms with the utmost flexibility in installation 
  • Low maintenance cost along with the pay-as-you-go model.
  • API integration with higher adaptation rate
  • Free trial periods and customized pricing plans
  • Businesses can upgrade to higher standards as they grow with the product’s scalability feature
  • Work-from-home or Remote jobs are winning over the market because of the product’s highly collaborative feature
  • Utmost “Transparency” between the stakeholders and the team can be established in a SaaS-based project management system regardless of the physical location of the people in the team
  • The system would assist in every task of the project management team without any hassle

Okay, now, we shall look into the simple statistics on how the SaaS-based project management platform has flourished globally. Gartner foresees that there will be a sudden surge in revenue generation with SaaS-based PM solutions of about USD 105 billion in 2020. By 2021, across the world, 73% of the organization would adopt the SaaS project management technique. Also, according to the latest PMI research, 77% of high-performing companies got to know the importance of project management solutions. So, yes, SaaS project management software solutions are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to business. Now let’s discuss top SaaS project management systems that are reigning the market, why are they so popular and what are their unique selling points and capabilities.

Top project management SaaS applications for Startups

These SaaS project management solutions are preferred based on the requirements of the project or business, evaluation of the cost, availability of free-trial period, method of project management practice, customized features for varied user factors and compared with other products in the market.


Jira is a robust platform with flexible API integration and customizable workflows. It is the most prominent SaaS PM solution because of its enterprise-grade security with a connection to over 3000 applications. Jira has got the kanban board, scrum board, roadmap and inbuilt agile reporting system. The Starter plan is about $10/month with a team of ten users, next comes the Standard plan which costs $7/user/month with the team capacity of 11–100 users and finally, the Premium plan sums up to $14/user/month for a team with 1–100 users. If the team exceeds more than 101 users, business discounts are available.


Wrike comes with focused team collaboration and real-time work transparency. It has got context-based conversation, resource management tool, Gantt charts, automatic task assignment on agile teamwork, and Kanban board under fully customized workflows.  Wrike for marketers facilitates custom templates with extension to Adobe and proofing solutions.  The Starter plan is free with a team of five users, next comes the professional plan which costs $9.8/user/month with the team capacity of 5-15 users and finally the business plan sums up to $24.8/user/month of a team with 5–200 users. The pricing plan for the marketing team can be available on the requisition of the quote.

Zoho Projects

Zoho is a cost-effective project management solution for small teams. It comes with a Gantt chart, tracking the time, issue tracking, CRM integration with invoices and books. It also supports Kanban board, timesheet approval and can deal with complex project requirements. Zoho is famous for feature-based flat pricing. The Standard plan is about $18/month plus $3 for additional uses for the team of 10 users/10 projects/client users, next comes the express plan which costs $15/15 users plus $4  for additional users with unlimited projects of 15 client users and a 20GB attachment facility. 


It is an easy to use tool that has got boards and cards featuring projects and tasks correspondingly. It has got 2-factor authorization, advanced automation and administration permissions. It allows Google apps sign-on feature with custom field actions. The Starter plan is completely free which includes unlimited personal boards, cards, lists, 10MB/file attachment and 1 power-up per board Then next is the business class plan which costs $12.50/user/month and finally, the enterprise-class plan sums up to $20.83/user/month that includes a whole lot of advanced features.

Evernote Business

It is a kind of essential tool that boosts productivity across the teams. It facilitates real-time transparency with the utmost team collaboration. It has got AI-suggested content, single sign-on, geolocation, web clipper and workflow management solution. The basic plan is free and allows the team to take notes on a project. The premium plan costs $7.99/month with organizational features and finally, Evernote Business is a comprehensive tool that sums up to $14.99/user/month with a team of minimum 2 users. It does allow integration of Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Team’s, Salesforce, Outlook and a lot more.


It is meant for the uncluttered user interface with the powerful search tool on a large scale customer base. It has got Hill chart, daily activity digest, real-time group chat, client access and message board features. It does not have any freemium version but facilitates a straight $99/month plan without regarding the total number of users and projects. The plan comprises a 500 GB file attachment or storage facility with all the advanced project management features. This peculiar pricing plan forms as the most suitable PM solution for larger teams as they may not have to pay on per user basis.

Future Scope of SaaS project management industry

The growth and future scope of the SaaS project management industry are robust and dynamic. According to Cisco’s analysis, 4/5th of data center traffic which is 83% of the services will be using cloud-based SaaS applications in the next three years. Mobile-first SaaS solutions are on the way to disrupt the market. The adaptation of AI and ML are on the verge to bring about astounding transformation in the SaaS project management solution. According to intuit reports, 85% of small scale industries are likely to invest more on SaaS solutions in the next five years. So, yes, SaaS is the new normal.

I am a Senior Content Strategist, Published Author and Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional with over 4+ years of rich experience in the Digital Content Industry. Also, I have contributed to over 125+ SEO byline web articles and 10+ Kindle ebooks on the dynamics of the Digital Market and User Experience evolution.
I am a Senior Content Strategist, Published Author and Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional with over 4+ years of rich experience in the Digital Content Industry. Also, I have contributed to over 125+ SEO byline web articles and 10+ Kindle ebooks on the dynamics of the Digital Market and User Experience evolution.
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