Do you know for every $ spent on an email marketing campaign, you will get $38 as the marketing return on investment (MROI)?

Yes, email marketing is the best cost-effective strategy, where you can achieve a higher conversion rate at a very minimum amount of investment. 

Okay, now we know email marketing is such a lucrative technique to mint millions in marketing. What if there is an ample solution that could leverage all your email marketing efforts? Yes, we have got one such solution called SaaS-based email marketing tools that would simplify your marketing chores and do wonders in making the business gain momentum in the market!

What is a SaaS-based Email Marketing solution?

SaaS companies are those companies that have got their solution model as software as a service (SaaS) deliver their customers a single sign-up option to utilize their services online through their curative email marketing strategy.

Such email marketing SaaS tools form as a direct point of contact to reach the target audience. It also facilitates instant and automatic notification about the company’s software or business updates to its consumers.

Why are SaaS-based Email Marketing tools considered the best for startups and small businesses?

For startups and small businesses, the marketing tool that comes at an affordable price or on a free version is an email marketing tool.

There are about 1.5 billion active Gmail users across the globe. And overall 3.9 billion active email users. So, startups can reach billions of people that accounts for nearly 50% of the world’s population only with the humble email marketing techniques.

There are umpteen options available on the web for tools and software for executing email marketing campaigns. But you have to choose the right tool that best suits you based on your SaaS business requirements, marketing budget and specific features of the tool. By doing this way you can save lots of bucks when you are in the initial stage of your business.


What are the unique features of SaaS-based Email Marketing tools?

According to a recent study, 74% of people expect a welcome email from their SaaS service provider once they sign up for their services. 

With that said, email marketing has got even an emotional connection with the end-users of the organization.

However, the basic technical features of email marketing strategies are promoting a product to warm leads which could result in higher conversions, forms as a dispute resolution system that helps customers in resolving the grievances by connecting through email, a single touchpoint system for enabling the services, a platform to convey business updates to the leads and ultimately helps in lead generation.


Industry Benefits of SaaS-based Email Marketing tools

  • Email Marketing is a multifunctional tool that helps in promotional activities, sending greetings on special occasions, autoresponder mail for support operation and confirming purchases.
  • It’s absolutely a cost-effective marketing tool.
  • Marketers can easily track and calculate the marketing return on investment (MROI)
  • Optimizing and leveraging existing marketing tools like CRM and sales automation solutions
  • Last but not least is to derive meaningful customer insights


Top 6 SaaS-based Email Marketing tools in the Market

 Based on certain factors we have listed out some of the best email marketing SaaS tools for startups and small businesses.

So the basic features of email marketing tools we have to look for before purchasing the service are,

  • Template library and design 
  • Campaign building solutions
  • Segmentation of customers, building list and inbuilt optimization tools
  • Autoresponder with analytics and reporting
  • File management, API integration with CRM and spam compliance facility

Okay, now let’s find out some best tools in the market!



It is a top-rated email marketing tool has got landing page builder, automation workflows, customer opt-in forms, support and reporting facilities.

The pricing of this tool is purely based on the number of subscribers. It’s free up to 1000 subscribers with the ability to send unlimited emails.

The premium plan starts from $8 and scales up with regards to the increasing number of subscribers.


Hubspot is the most prominent in the market that comes with an integrated marketing package. It is also the easiest tool where you can send optimized, customized and stylish emails to your subscribers.

Hubspot provides multitudes of features where you can pick up and upgrade according to your business requirements.

They even got a freemium version and the starter plan levels from $50/month. But it’s worth buying because it has got the coolest and smartest features.

Constant Contact

It is the best email marketing tool for startup and small businesses. The pricing starts from $16/month. The company is in email marketing service right from 1995, by 2015 they have become the component of Endurance International Group, the mighty corporate that holds Bluehost, HostGator, and The company’s ultimate goal is to power up small businesses with 100+ mobile-responsive templates and real-time insights reporting systems.

Convert Kit

It is regarded as the best email marketing tool for blog kind of startups and small businesses. The pricing starts from $29/month with a 14-day free trial period. It has got professional text-based templates, attractive forms, and said to increase the conversion rates with automated emails for small businesses. 


It is considered a simple and effective way to use email marketing service. It facilitates a free plan for unlimited contacts and allows sending 300 emails or newsletters per day. The Lite plan starts from $20/month with the facility to send 40,000 emails /month and no daily limit on sending emails.

It offers live chat and CRM facilities in their freemium version that includes the automation workflow of contacts up to 2000. There is also a 10% discount on annual paid plans.


It is reported that over half a million marketers use Mailerlite for their email marketing campaigns. They are applauded for their easy to use interface, responsive template designs and 24/7 phone and email support system. You can avail a freemium version for under 1000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month. The starter plan levels up from $10/month based on features and the number of subscribers.

These are the top email marketing SaaS tools that you can look up for your startup business. Always opt for the free version and check its usage before signing up for paid plans. Because every business has got its own market requirements and standards, right?

Future Scope of SaaS-based Email Marketing Software Solutions

Email marketing automation and features like DKIM & SPF security protocols that protect your IP address are elevating the standards of the service. Choosing the right tool makes your business more authentic and helps in securing your business credentials. So take time to probe on the best tool so that you can decide according to your marketing budget and business requirements.

And yes, Email Marketing SaaS tools are great in demand because they provide an effortless way for lead generation, forms as the sales letter that helps in closing the deal, and build a repetitive business with remarketing or retaining old customers. So the future scope of SaaS email marketing tools is always bright and shining with promising marketing solutions. So, now, email marketing is the one-stop solution for every early-stage startup marketer.

I am a Senior Content Strategist, Published Author and Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional with over 4+ years of rich experience in the Digital Content Industry. Also, I have contributed to over 125+ SEO byline web articles and 10+ Kindle ebooks on the dynamics of the Digital Market and User Experience evolution.
I am a Senior Content Strategist, Published Author and Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional with over 4+ years of rich experience in the Digital Content Industry. Also, I have contributed to over 125+ SEO byline web articles and 10+ Kindle ebooks on the dynamics of the Digital Market and User Experience evolution.
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