Adopting Emerging Tech To Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency Revenue

Adopting Emerging Tech To Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency Revenue

In a rapidly evolving digital world, maintaining customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements is becoming increasingly difficult for marketing agencies. 68% of small businesses find it difficult to come up with the right conversation rate optimization (CRO) strategy to promote their business. Marketing the right content at the right time to the right group of people through marketing channels is a common challenge for marketing agencies these days. Moreover, the ever-present disruption and innovation for customer engagement, customizing the business experience according to the target audience and finding the right tools and strategies are adding additional layers of complexity to brand communications.

These reasons pushed digital marketing agencies to go beyond just delivering conversations to create appealing campaigns to promote business and gain customers. A meaningful campaign must focus on every aspect of marketing right from creating content, the data, a manageable tech stack and a team of marketing strategists and content creators. A customer data platform helps companies in creating such marketing campaigns. This article highlights the needs and benefits of technology partnership.

Adoption of data-driven marketing

When it comes to the customer-end in business, every customer wants to be treated individually. They must be able to choose how they interact, search, purchase and communicate with companies. It is evident that marketing, of late, contains a lot of data. Hence it becomes highly complex to collect, store and organize customer data from various sources or channels.

A customer data platform does not only help companies in creating appealing campaigns but also collects, stores and helps to gain insights from the collected data. This, in turn, helps companies to improve their approach towards meeting customer requirements. Apart from this, a customer data platform helps with the following.

Data-driven campaigns – Accessing data from one central platform helps in easily managing the customer data and develop campaigns based on previous customer data and inputs from past campaigning events.

Centralize user data – By consolidating all of the customer data in one place, customers can be categorized for targeting based on factors like age, gender, geographical location, etc. This will help in reaching out to the right group of people to promote the right product.

Extracting the potential of digital channels – by using customer data platforms, companies can gain a competitive edge among their competitors by running campaigns on digital channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, etc.


Leveraging omnichannel platforms 

Identifying and leveraging technologies that actually add real value to the business is quite rare and difficult. To keep up with the current trends marketing team has to rely on technologies that help in faster deployments, automates and personalizes communication across various digital platforms.

To fill this void between marketing teams to develop effective campaigns and gain revenue, leveraging omnichannel platforms like Nuance, Talisma, Airship, etc can be highly helpful. Additionally, these platforms make marketing easier with end-to-end marketing automation capabilities.

Some of the characteristics of omnichannel platforms are:

  • Offer updated and unified customer details for personalization
  • Provide insights along the entire marketing journey
  • Be able to orchestrate campaign and offer drag and drop campaign creator
  • Have smart automation capabilities that gain information from the event and behavior-based triggers
  • Provide reports and analytics to measure campaign success


The need for Chatbot-powered campaigning

Being one of the fastest emerging markets tends, chatbots are gaining sharp attention these days. Chatbots help in automating campaigns, thus, reducing the need to completely rely on human customer support. Hence it is important for marketing agencies to partner with platforms that support chatbot development for campaign creation and effective integration with digital channels. Below are some of the advantages of using chatbot-powered platforms for marketing campaigns.

Automated messaging

Chatbots can be built by using predefined answers for certain scenarios. If the customer query is beyond the limitations of what a chatbot could handle, only then a support agent is needed. Integrating chatbots with marketing channels allows agencies to actively interact with the customers. This helps in retaining customers and gain profitable ROI.

Increase customer engagement

Maintaining customer engagement is an important part of marketing. Once a customer loses interest in a product or service, it is difficult to retain the customer. Hence marketing agencies can take efforts to stay interactive with customers once in a while by conducting polls, surveys or quizzes. Companies can also use AI-powered chatbots to resemble famous personalities to increase customer engagement. It has been found that over 54% of the companies already use AI-driven predictive analytics. This number is expected to reach up to 89% by the end of 2022.

Provide customer care through social media platforms

Around 3.2 billion people use some form of social media on a daily basis. This widespread usage of social media has made it easier for companies to promote their brands/products and maintain good customer relationships over social media platforms. Every brand has its own unique story to attract target audiences. In some cases, customer attraction can be gained through announcing giveaways or freebies. While this being said, enabling conversations with customers via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can add great value to the marketing agencies. Bots can be implemented for providing welcome messages or to let customers know about new products or sales promotions.


Advantages of technology partnerships

At a higher level, technology partnerships can help marketing agencies in expanding their market campaigning efforts. This includes increasing customer engagement, maintaining customer relationships, gaining new customers, retaining existing customers, etc. A technology partnership can also be beneficial for marketing agencies in many ways as mentioned below.

Grow revenue and business value

Digital marketing agencies can add new revenue streams over one centralized platform. This allows ease of access and scalability. Agencies can also explore cross-selling and upselling opportunities by connecting customers with expert teams using powerful communication tools.

Explore new business opportunities

As marketing agencies leverage the potential of technology partners to promote their products and services, eventually they can find new business opportunities to expand their field of expertise. This will be very helpful in upscaling the business.

Stay ahead in the market

One of the most important reasons for technology partnerships is to stay ahead in the market among competitors. A technology partner will always keep themselves updated with the current market trends and user requirements. This will enable providing timely and purposeful insights to the marketing agencies.

Leveraging technology partnerships not only helps in promoting and upscaling business through marketing but also is very cost-efficient as most of the work is automated and the need for human intervention is very limited. In the upcoming days, almost all the companies will be adopting digital marketing to promote their business and technology partners will have to find ways to promote these businesses in their own unique way.

Coder-Engineer in the works. Infinitely curious like a feline. Would like to know what’s beyond the singularity someday.
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Coder-Engineer in the works. Infinitely curious like a feline. Would like to know what’s beyond the singularity someday.
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Coder-Engineer in the works. Infinitely curious like a feline. Would like to know what's beyond the singularity someday.
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