Actionable Tips to Maximize Everyday Productivity at Work in 2021

Actionable tips to maximize everyday productivity at work in 2021

Getting more done in less time is a far-fetched dream when it comes to completing the assigned task within the given deadline. Productivity at work is a concern that no organization wants to ignore. There are umpteen reasons that lead to an unproductive workforce and stress is the most important one. It has been found that over 1 million people miss work every day because they are stressed. While enterprises have stepped forward to improve the quality of life at work, certain changes at the individual level can bring down the pressures and consequently make everyone more productive. So be it fighting the distractions around or prioritizing your tasks smartly, there are so many ways to increase your productivity. Here are 4 actionable tips to maximize your contribution at work every day.

How to organize your tasks to improve productivity?

If you are concerned about missing deadlines, start with the smallest task on the priority list. Besides starting your day on a positive note, this will empower you to take in hand the next bigger assignment. Most of us take too long to begin our day or even try to find ways to delay it for the second half or the next day. The first few hours of the day are the most productive and shouldn’t be wasted in deciding what to do. Doing a smaller number of multiple tasks ignites innate confidence and prepares you for the next bigger assignments down the line. This method is helpful for many people to increase their productivity just by trying this for a week.

After working with the easier tasks for over a week, one might’ve probably got accustomed to doing work in the first half of the day. So, from the second week, it is high time to put this habit to better use. Start with the task that you have been trying to avoid because of its complexity. It is a known fact that the mind is energized and very effective in the morning. Hence you can come up with effective ideas towards solving an issue in a considerably short span of time. This method has also been one of the effective ways to improve work-desk productivity.

Eliminate distractions 

Almost all of us consume news or scroll through social media platforms in the morning before starting work. This is just an excuse to procrastinate. Our subconsciousness discovers different ways to push forward the assignments by whatever means it can. And that truly advocates for Apple CEO Tim Cook reading emails every day at 4 AM. This helps him in 2 ways. Firstly, he can carry forward the legacy of reading all emails set by his predecessor, Steve Jobs. Secondly, he can save his daytime by moving over notifications and focusing on high-priority commitments.

Start replying to all emails collectively in one part of the day unless they are highly urgent. Keep your phone at bay so that it isn’t in your sight. What’s worse is that each one of us is waiting for the day to be over. Keeping track of time once every 15 minutes is one of the greatest distractions. This further leaks productivity by 80%. If you can hide all-time showing devices from your sight, do it; including the one at the bottom of your desktop screen.

Automate as much as you can

As per a study, half of the employees believe meetings are a time-waster while the unplanned ones are even worse. Given the variety of productivity software applications available, there’s no chance that you aren’t communicating with your team well. Beyond just delegating tasks, use the tool to keep everyone on the same page. Update your calendar every day and let everyone have access to your availability. Use the analytical dashboard to have a quick top-level understanding of the project, the delivery status of every resource and the time to the deadlines. And it all comes down to picking the right project management tool. Go for an end-to-end CRM application that brings multiple verticals in the same dashboard. Everything is right there in the cloud, so costing shouldn’t be the reason.

Bonus Tip: Listen to music

Music has a deep impact on our brain and heart. There’s a long list of highly effective focus music tracks that help you from being distracted and stay focused on work. These tracks have a binaural effect on the brain that makes it calmer and to think efficiently. There are diverse playlists for working at different times of the day. Explore now and see the change happening.

Remember that These simple hacks, if pursued diligently will have a long-term impact on your value to the organization and the overall career growth.

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