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Expersight tracks emerging enterprise technologies for IT professionals to stay ahead of the curve.
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Raman Mehta

CIO @ Johnson Electric | 3 x CIO 100 Award winner

Yash Mehta

3 x Founder and CEO | Expert columnist on 60+ publications

G R Chandrashekhar

G R Chandrashekhar

Professor at Prestige Education | PhD from IIM Lucknow

Ian Tick

Ian Tick

Head of Content Development | Content PRO | Expert at Branding

Kevin RL Martin

Founder @ CubicaIoT & Marca Ventures| IoT Thought Leader

Abhinav Dubey - Intellectus Expert

Abhinav Dubey

CSO & Co-founder at Ioterra | IoT Expert | Oxford MBA

How It Works

How We Prepare Market Leading Reports on Emerging Tech?

Our Cutting edge reports are prepared with the help of 250+ experts from the Expersight Influencer Network (EIN) and the Intellectus community.
Market Analysis
Our team of analysts go through the data publicly available on the Internet
Identifying key features
Using Data Preparation best practices and Business Intelligence Tools we identify key trends responsible for the growth of the said technology.
Surveying Intellectus Experts
With the expertise and experience of over 250 tech executives from EIN and Intellectus, we gather complex, technical and actionable data sets.
Collecting and assembling data
Our survey cum analyst team studies the insights shared by Intellectus experts and prepares charts, graphs and other visual presentations. We then apply machine learning algorithms to predict future industry trends.
Drafting the research
Esthan Media content team combines all the data, insights and graphs into meaningful sentences.
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Yash Mehta founded Expersight to empower experts to become thought leaders. Yash is an ...

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Emerging Tech Glossary Expersight tracks emerging enterprise technologies for IT ...
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