Yash Mehta

Yash Mehta
Yash Mehta
RoleFounder and CEO
IndustryIoT, Data Science, Cloud and
Web3 Thought Leader
Experience8 Years
EIN MemberSince Aug – 2022
WebsiteYash Mehta
EIN badgeThought-leader
Yash Mehta is the founder and managing director of Expersight, an Esthan Media Pvt Ltd subsidiary. He started Expersight with the vision to empower experts to become thought leaders. The foundation of the Expersight Influencer Network (EIN) was laid based on trust, empowerment, research, analysis and partnership.

Yash frequently shares his thoughts on emerging enterprise technologies like AI, Semantics, Web3, Data Fabric, Test Data management and general technology topics. His ideas, insights and opinions have been featured in over 125 internationally recognised publications and collectively garnered over 100 million views for his articles. You can read some of the articles that Yash Mehta has written here.

At Expersight, Yash oversees the entire community management. He ensures that every contributor to Expersight can generate quality knowledge, connections with global peers and extremely high exposure through their content. He also focuses on the business side of Expersight, where he and his team of researchers prepare high-quality reports every three months. The researches are about emerging enterprise technologies (Oct-Dec), technology-leading startups (Jan-March), tech leaders focus (April-June) and emerging technology thought leaders (July-Sep).

Yash Mehta also founded Intellectus, an invite-only thought-leadership platform for experts. Experts who are serious about building their brand to attain better job roles, higher salaries and more industry recognition can check their eligibility to get invited by the Intellectus selection committee. The solution is fee-based, whereas the Expersight Influencer Network membership is free.

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