Top 10 Data Fabric Tools for Data-Driven Enterprises

Top 10 Data Fabrics Tools for Data-Driven Enterprises

Top 10 Data Fabrics for Data-Driven Enterprises


Data fabric is an architectural method used to dynamically unify disparate data from various source systems across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. Data fabrics provide reliable and readily available data to support application development, data analytics and business process automation. Data fabrics are highly cost-effective when compared to traditional methods of data preparation. They also provide enterprise-grade data governance, for improved compliance with data privacy regulations.


To benefit from the advantages of data fabric, choosing the right platform is very important. Below is a list of the top 10 enterprise-grade data fabrics, shortlisted to the companies whose ratings are above 4 out of 5.


1. K2View

K2View Data Fabric organizes fragmented data, from scattered source systems, according to Digital Entity™ data schemas – one schema per business entity – be it a customer, location, device, credit card, or anything else that’s important to the business.

The digital entity unifies everything a company knows about the business entity – including all interactions, transactions and master data – regardless of the underlying source systems, technologies, or data formats.

K2View Data Fabric ingests, transforms, enriches, orchestrates, and secures data into a Micro-Database™ – where one micro-DB is managed for every instance of a business entity. It can scale to manage hundreds of millions of secured micro-DBs at the same time and was architected to perform in real-time and to support both analytical and operational use cases.

Rating: 4.9/5


2. Denodo

Denodo’s data fabric solution complies with policies and regulations and offers security, data privacy and data protection to enterprises. This solution offers a single point of access to data, by eliminating point-to-point connections from customer applications to data sources. The capabilities of Denodo to offer security policies in the data layer can be extended to both the cloud as well as on-premise environments. 

Rating: 4.8/5


3. Talend

Talend data fabric solution offers data integration, data integrity and governance to enterprise data in a single unified environment. The data integration feature enables data discovery, collection and integration of data with categorization and documentation. This data fabric solution ensures integrity and governance of data throughout the development lifecycle. It also offers seamless integration with APIs and external applications. 

Rating: 4.7/5


4. IBM Cloud Pak 

IBM’s Cloud Pak solution enables accessing the required data at any time from both cloud and on-premise environments. Cloud Pak provides data fabrication for reliable and faster data outcomes. Additionally, IBM Cloud Pak is an AI-integrated platform that can drastically reduce infrastructure maintenance. This solution can also function effectively in hybrid-cloud environments using AutoSQL to gather and deliver trusted data to organizations. Cloud Pak also offers comprehensive data and AI capabilities to provide metadata and security governance to increase transparency and collaboration to reduce risks. This platform also checks the reliability of data sets and provides tools to identify and address any issues. 

Rating: 4.6/5


5. Nexla

Nexla offers a data fabric solution to perform data operations under a unified platform. The solution enables data integration with existing ELT tools, application APIs or Data as a Service workflow using no/low-code functionality. It also works with logical units to combine, enrich, validate, filter and prepare data to provide ready-to-use data. Nexla’s data fabric solution also enables monitoring data flow with continuous intelligence, validation and error management to provide a complete overview of data operations.

Rating: 4.5/5


6. NetApp

NetApp’s Fabric Orchestrator is a data fabric solution that is mainly focused on providing simplicity and agility. The solution increases operational efficiency in both on-premises and cloud environments by providing tools to build and manage data fabric. This solution, being AI-powered, reduces the chances of financial risks. To gain agility and scalability, the solution can also be deployed on cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, etc. With NetApp’s Fabric Orchestrator, virtual machines and containerized environments present n on-premise can be automated.

Rating: 4.4/5


7. Oracle Coherence

Oracle’s data fabric solution offers enterprise-grade ETL tools and supports data preparation and replication for effective functioning. Oracle’s data fabric solution can also transform data without having any impact on the systems. It is also capable of cleansing, repairing and providing data with zero downtime for operational applications. This solution also replicates the data to provide recovery in case of any failures and uses algorithms to streamline data pipelines. Oracle’s data fabric solution also offers valuable insights to arrive at better business decisions.

Rating: 4.3/5


8. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE offers a data fabric solution which is known as Ezmeral data fabric. Ezmeral data fabric is developed to mainly focus on simplifying data management for large-scale data with enterprise-grade reliability, performance and flexibility. This platform is specifically designed to offer a unified platform where the data can be collected, stored, managed and applied in various platforms from various data sources. This solution offers multi-protocol data access, multi-cloud data management, data reliance and protection at all the layers. HPE’s data fabric solution help teams to work together thus increasing agility.

Rating: 4.2/5


9. SAP Data Intelligence

SAP’s data fabric solution consists of the combined capabilities of SAP Data Intelligence and SAP HANA. SAP Data Intelligence effectively transforms collected data into valuable information which can be accessed anytime using reference data. SAP HANA offers unique abilities to the data fabric solution with built-in features to access data. SAP data fabric solution also provides smart access with which queries can be sent to external data sources such as external databases, web services, etc cost-effectively. 

Rating: 4.1/5


10. CluedIn

CluedIn data fabric platform is built with a motive to provide reliable, secure and trustworthy data to organizations for developing data-driven solutions. The four main features of this data fabric solution are data integration, data preparation, metadata management and data enrichment. CluedIn data integration offers infinite scalability. Data preparation automatically completes missing data to increase data quality. Metadata management ensures ownership of data through the development cycle and the data enrichment features come with more than 300 inbuilt external data services for cleaning, enriching and completing data sets.

Rating: 4.0/5



According to a Gartner research note, entitled “Emerging Technologies: Data Fabric is the Future of Data Management” from 12/2020, data fabric is an important emerging data management architecture that requires multiple technologies… and graphical modeling capabilities – because they connect between components and enable designs to evolve over time.

With this idea in mind, data-driven enterprises should choose the data fabric that has data connectivity and integration, data governance, a metadata-driven data catalog, data virtualization, data orchestration, data governance, microservice automation, and intuitive graphical modeling –built-inn.

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Expersight is a leading market intelligence, research and advisory firm that generates actionable insights from certified experts globally.
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Expersight is a leading market intelligence, research and advisory firm that generates actionable insights from certified experts globally.
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