Emerging technology jobs that have a vast career scope

In the current world that we live in, it is evident that technology adoption has massively increased from how it was a decade ago. From room-sized computers to ...

Features to expect at the Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Event on 24 June

Microsoft’s update to Windows 11 is something that all of the Windows users have been waiting for a long. This version of Windows is said to be released in ...

How are Logistics Systems Boosting Productivity in the Supply Chain Industry?

Of late, enterprises fear data authenticity could disrupt their logistics business as per the finding by PWC. Logistics, being considered as unpredictable ...

How are Accelerated Mobile Pages Producing Faster and more Productive eCommerce sites?

The field of UX has developed so much over the years that has now set high expectations among the customers. It also made customers grow impatient as access to ...

Apple announces more privacy-focused features in WWDC event 2021

Apple’s products have always been known for their data privacy. On June 7th, 2021, at the Apple WWDC event, various Apple products and features were released. ...

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